Dr. Culligan and his staff provide me with caring attention and follow up- they are not just health care providers, they are friends. I appreciate Dr. Culligan's no-nonsense approach to chiropractic care, and appreciate my impoved health as a result of Chiropractic Complete's care.

Denise K.

My experience at Chiropractic Complete was excellent! I was in significant pain with my lower back/hip. Dr. Chris Culligan was able to quickly identify the adjustments needed to correct the issue. After a series of adjustments over a few short weeks, my issue was resloved and I was completely pain free. I think the greatest part is that he and his staff were flexible to my needs. When I wasn't comfortable with the prep process, they found an alternate way to do the same thing. In addition, when my pain was gone, there was not a push to keep me getting adjusted forever. The Dr. simply said to return if/when the issue returns. I find that valuable and it shows a lot of integrity. My husband is also a patient from time to time for a similiar issue, in fact he is the one who recommended Chiropractic Complete to me. The staff is friendly and the equipment is great. Being able to get on a table standing and then it mechanically puts me in position was great, and helped keep my pain managed at a much lower level. I highly recommend Chiropractic Complete!!!

Denise K.

Muskego WI



I really appreciated the wonderful service from both you and your staff. Certainly the chiropractic treatments provided me with greater flexability, ROM and reduction in pain. Unfortunately, my health benefits were slashed and I have been unable to maintain the quality of life I once had due to the increase in premiums, deductibles and copays. Please don't ever think that my inability to resume chiropractic care as a reflection or the benefits I experienced under your care. You also have a wonderful office staff who is helpful, enjoyable and a pleasure to work with.

Sincere Thanks,
Cindy G.



Dr. Culligan,

Thank you so much for the high quality care you give me for my low back and neck pain. The depp muscle ultrsound before my adjustments really helps to relieve my pain. The adjustments align my spinal column and take the added stress off muscles and ligaments. You and your staff are so nice and very competent.

I believe in chiropractic medicine and I will continue to see you if needed in the future.

Sincerely, Julie S. RN

Dr. Culligan made time for my bad back and got me "golfable" in 10 days before my trip to Phoenix. He saved my vacation and I actually took 2nd place thanks to him. I also feel thast Dr. Culligan didnt push me to try new techniques and really stayed within my comfort level. Not always the case in the chiropractic world. Most of all I would recommend him to anyone that works with me or knows me, which is the best testimonial of all.

Zoran K.

Muskego, WI



Dr. Culligan and his staff are some of the nicest people I have encountered in numerous healthcare fields. Dr. Culligan was the first to figure out that I had a serious back issue and ordered an MRI, eventually leading to successful back surgery. My life is better today as a direct result of this as my upper back is now pain free for the most part. I always felt welcome at every appointment and would highly recommend Dr. Culligan to anyone needing care.

Richard F.


I have nothing but positive feedback. The entire staff had been more than accommodating! I will be scheduling an alignment soon it is just a hectic summer right now. My husband Paul is also going to make an appointment. Everyone there is friendly and very welcoming. I appreciate the patience because of having to bring my son. You all have friendly faces which is a nice change from everyday life.

Molly S.



Dr. Culligan has been adjusting my back and neck for several years now and has been great. He always makes sure you know what he is doing and gives you pointers to help yourself between visits. After I was in a car accident he discussed the treatement plan with me and made sure I was kept abreast with my progress. I have found him to be very personable and enjoyable to work with through various issues, and highly recommend him.

R. Miller

Dear Dr. Culligan & Staff

Thank you for the help I recieved at Chiropractic Complete. The treatments helped a lot and i reported this to Dr. Mortenson. My sciatica is finally gone. However I remain cautious when I bend, lift, etc. Wishing you all a wonderful summer and thank you for your help.


Judy E.

I have had neck and back pain for a few years. I was a patient of another Muskego chiropractor who told me that I may never be pain free. After a few months my pain actually got worse and not better so I decided to switch to see Doctor Culligan at Chiropractic Complete. I had pain relief after my first adjustment and after a couple of weeks I was pain free. Dr. Culligan takes the time to listen to my symptoms to help me stay pain free. He has always been honest and upfront about my condition and helps me recognize some of the factors that could be bringing me discomfort. Dr. Culligan and the staff at Chiropractic Complete are always friendly and more than helpful. They are always able to accommodate me with appointments that work with my work schedule and they were able to give me the best option to save money when it came to my insurance. I would highly recommend Dr. Culligan and the staff at Chiropractic Complete to anyone seeking chiropractic needs.

Rebecca Jens

Dear Dr. Culligan

Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to work with your patient Paul. I was able to see him on July 9, 2012. Due to your extent care his pain resolved by the time he presented to our office. I will send my full notes as soom as they are available so that you have my thoughts regarding possible future care.

Thanks again for your expertise and allowing us to assist in Paul's care.

Gordon Mortensen, M.D.

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